Philanthropist Invests in Marketing Campaign and New Brand for Saskatoon Community Foundation

In its 50th year, Saskatoon Community Foundation has launched a significant multi-year marketing campaign and developed a new brand, made possible thanks to the gift of a philanthropist who recognized the foundation’s great potential and stepped forward to finance the initiative fully.

Centred on philanthropic goals that are unique to every person, the brand and campaign message speak to prospective donors who have a desire to shape and give back to the community where they live. The giving experience with the Saskatoon Community Foundation differs from other charitable options, because a donor can support multiple organizations, choosing one or many that are personally meaningful.


In a survey, we found many community members were not familiar with the Saskatoon Community Foundation’s work. Some respondents believed the foundation was an elite group. We learned that many individuals shared a common hope to create lasting impact to benefit the community.

We went back to the drawing board to gather perspectives from our stakeholders, hearing feedback that the Saskatoon Community Foundation is seen as warm, welcoming, friendly, accessible, inspiring, hopeful, and professional.


This feedback guided the design our new logo and the development of our brand. The new design represents community, growth, and inclusion, people coming together or a flower blooming, but still maintains brand equity by carrying over colours used previously.

Feedback from stakeholders also guided the creation of our brand positioning statement describing who we are, what we do, why we exist, and how we are different.

“We are passionate stewards of philanthropy, helping every donor create their enduring legacy through charitable giving.”

With many compelling needs and charitable giving options available worldwide, the Saskatoon Community Foundation offers a different way of giving.

  • Making a gift through the Saskatoon Community Foundation is different because your gift can have a lasting impact forever;
  • The foundation enables you to support multiple charities;
  • You have many options for giving that reflect the life you lived, your family, and your values.
  • Your gift benefits the community here where we live.

Watch for our awareness campaign ads running on TV, in magazines, on your desktop or smartphone.  

We are grateful to our donor for this gift of trust in Saskatoon Community Foundation and the future of philanthropy.

We are also grateful to several donor families who shared their stories, participating in interviews and video shoots.

Our partners in the development of our awareness campaign included MGM Communications, DSA Media, and Fast Research.

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