“Just in Case” Binders

185a7952Presented by Harold Empey, retired Federated Co-op Executive and 2011 Cornerstone of the Community Award recipient, this binder acts as a guide through finding and collecting the information that your executor and loved ones might need Just in Case. Many of us leave our loved ones with too little information. The Just in Case Binder and Seminars help to create an open dialogue about your wishes and work to educate people on the things that will need to be completed after you are gone. Many estate planning manuals deal with financial matters such as bank accounts and safe deposit keys, but “Just in Case” takes planning to a new level of detail, offering suggestions on personal information such as computer passwords, dealing with treasured possessions, obituaries, and who to invite to your memorial.

The Saskatoon Community Foundation began modestly with an initial order of 300 binders. However, thanks especially to Harold’s tireless promotion of the package on local radio and television, over 12,000 binders have been distributed. It should go without saying that this program could not have existed without Harold’s impressive commitment of time and energy. Our hope is that many more people will not only have wills, but also have their affairs in good order before they die.

Just in case binders are available for $30.00 each at the following locations:

Saskatoon Community Foundation Office 101-308 4th Ave N

To make arrangements for a seminar, call the Saskatoon Community Foundation at 306-665-1756.