Bray Family Funds

Dr. Gordon and Betty Bray have been supporters of the Saskatoon Community Foundation from the start. Dr. Gordon Bray was a board member for many years and a firm believer in SCF’s model of creating long-term support for our community through building endowments.

Like many donors, Gordon and Betty contributed regularly over the years, and through accumulated contributions, established a Designated Fund, the Dr. Gordon and Betty Bray Fund for Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan.  But their contributions did not stop there.

Both Betty and Gordon were involved with the community in many roles.  They counted their blessings and wanted to pass it on as best as they could though volunteerism.   In addition to sitting on the SCF Board, Gordon was also a board member at the Saskatoon City Hospital.  He was president of the Canadian Association of Radiologists and was also invited to become the first Canadian on the American College of Radiology Steering Committee.  Betty received her Bachelor of Social Work after she raised her children, and worked closely with non-profits, such as Big Sisters.  She sat on the boards for the Persephone Theatre, the Mendel Art Gallery and on the national board for the YWCA.  Betty was also a role model, becoming the first female board chair of the United Way of Saskatoon.

Their contributions to the Saskatoon community continued after their passing.  The Brays created a Community Builder Agreement with SCF through a life insurance policy and through their wills. The agreement directed SCF to continue their contributions to the community.   Funds from their life insurance policy established the Dr. Gordon and Betty Bray Memorial Fund, a Designated Fund, to benefit their chosen charities of the United Way, Remai Modern Art Gallery, YWCA and the Saskatoon Community Foundation administration.

The Brays supported the art scene in Saskatoon through volunteering and by attending many performances.  They saw the arts as a reflection of life, mirroring human nature and our course of action through each period of time.  They wished to continue to support the arts and to address a concern that, when times are hard, funding for the arts always seems to be the first to go.  Their Community Builder Agreement with the Saskatoon Community Foundation arranged for a bequest from their estate to create the Dr. Gordon and Betty Bray Arts Fund, a Donor Designated Fund, to support the Persephone Theatre and the Saskatoon Symphony.

Throughout their lives, Gordon and Betty taught their children the importance and benefits of philanthropy. To enhance their children’s philanthropy experience, the Brays left the Saskatoon Community Foundation additional funds, with direction to be stipulated by their children, Scott Bray and Linda Gillis.  Linda chose to establish the Bray Memorial Shelter for Women and the Bray Memorial Welcoming Fund, both Flow Through Funds, while Scott Bray created the Bray Memorial Community Fund, an Unrestricted Fund and the Bray Memorial Fund, a Designated Fund, which supports Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan and the Sherbrooke Community Society.

In the future, Linda and Scott will continue to grow the established funds over time, while Scott and his wife, Carolyn, are looking to follow Betty and Gordon’s path by establishing their own Community Builder Agreement.  Scott is excited with the work that the SCF is doing for Reconciliation and wants to work with the Foundation to participate in some way. In his own words, Scott reflects, “There is joy and contentment in knowing others will continue to enjoy the benefits of these funds long after we are gone.  These legacies last forever.  If anyone feels strong enough to leave a legacy, don’t wait and do it now.  Start small and build.”


Dr. Gordon and Betty Bray Fund for Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan – Designated Fund – established by Gordon and Betty within their lifetime

Dr. Gordon and Betty Bray Memorial Fund – Designated Fund – Insurance

Bray Memorial Shelter for Women – Flow Through – Will on recommendation of daughter Linda

Bray Memorial Welcoming Fund – Flow Through – Will on recommendation of Linda

Dr. Gordon and Betty Bray Arts Fund – Donor Designated Fund – Will

Bray Memorial Fund – Designated Fund – Will on recommendation of Scott

Bray Memorial Community Fund – Unrestricted Fund –  Will on recommendation of Scott