Bridge City Social Dance Association Fund

Dance like no one is watching!

In 2003, a group of individuals passionate about social dance created the Bridge City Social Dance Association. The mission of the Association was to provide opportunities for instruction, practice and the enjoyment of the art of social dancing for participants at all skill levels. The membership-based association was run by a dedicated group of six to eight volunteer Board members. Fifteen fun and committed instructors, trained by a certified dance coach and judge, provided dance instruction at a very reasonable price in four to eight-week small, group classes and one-time workshops. Participants had an opportunity to learn dances such as jive, swing, waltz, salsa, foxtrot, two-step, and cha-cha. They also had the opportunity to choose to learn either the lead or follow part of social dance.

Though the Bridge City Social Dance Association was committed to providing opportunities for its members and participants to enjoy the art of social dance, whether through taking a class, attending a dance event, or watching a dance performance, they recently chose to wind-up. The Board of the Association identified a common purpose with the Saskatoon Community Foundation in desire to make Saskatoon the best community in which to live. To continue to support our vibrant community in perpetuity, the Bridge City Social Dance Association Fund was created. Annual income from this fund will support the Foundation’s Quality of Life grants program.

Our community is richer for the contributions of the Bridge City Social Dance Association.

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