David Sim Yip and Jean Yat Yip Memorial Fund

“In Oriental culture, the expression of gratitude is very important,” Dr. Ivan Jen says of the creation of the David Sim Yip Memorial Fund in memory of his father-in-law.  “We wanted to celebrate his life as well as express our gratitude to a loving, caring, devoted father,” adds David’s daughter and Ivan’s wife Dr. Suzanne Yip.

David Sim Yip was born in China in 1911 but emigrated with his parents to Canada at age 10.  By 16, David and his brother had embarked on a career in hotel, restaurant, bar, grocery, and dance hall services in Beechy.  In 1933, David traveled back to China to marry Jean and begin their family.

The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1923 prevented the family’s emigration to Canada.  David was required to return to Canada alone within two years in order to maintain his landed immigrant status.  Meanwhile Jean and her young child moved to Hong Kong for security reasons, where David joined them in 1937.

Two years later, David returned once again to Canada.  In 1950, only after the Second World War and the repeal of the Act, did David, Jean and their two children finally reunite, this time in Canada.  By then, the brothers had left Beechy and started the Yip Brothers Grocery on Broadway, followed by a variety of business ventures in Saskatoon.

David was passionate about his family and about business, from which he never really retired.  He was also active within the local Chinese community and broader Saskatoon community.

“Dad was eternally grateful for the opportunities afforded to him in Saskatchewan,” says Suzanne, “and we are appreciative of the care given him during his stay at Circle Drive Special Care Home.”

“Suzanne and I feel so privileged to have been given the opportunities of receiving our medical education here and serving the wonderful people, many of whom have inspired us greatly with their kindness, caring attitude and spirit of volunteerism.  We also feel profoundly grateful to our loving parents who supported us all the way.  Without their encouragement, guidance and positive influence, we could not have been able to achieve our goals in medicine,” says Ivan.

To honor a wonderful father, Suzanne and Ivan established the David Sim Yip Memorial Fund with Saskatoon Community Foundation.  The income from the fund shall be distributed to Circle Drive Special Care Home Inc. on an annual basis to support its greatest needs in the area of patient care.

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