Don Ewles and Margot Weiner Fund

The Don Ewles and Margot Weiner Fund was built through monthly gifts over several years.

“Saskatoon is our home, and it has always been important to us to contribute to help create a caring community for everyone who lives here,” said Margot.

“My time as Grants Manager for Saskatoon Community Foundation has allowed me to see so much of the wonderful work done by local charities,” notes Don. “We wanted our fund to be unrestricted because I have seen firsthand the value of giving the Foundation the discretion to respond to emerging opportunities to build a stronger community.”

While they are committed to their monthly contributions, Don and Margot also plan to leave a portion of their estate to grow the impact of their fund. “It is important to us that beyond our modest monthly donations we can continue to support Saskatoon beyond our lifetimes with a planned bequest. We know the Foundation can make sure it happens,” said Don. “As we get older, it’s pretty clear that life is too short, but through our fund, we can continue to be a part of Saskatoon’s future.”

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