Dr. Hugh and Sheryl McKee Fund

Hugh was born and raised in Saskatoon and after attending Aden Bowman Collegiate received his medical degree from the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine (1971 ). He has been in active family practice since 1972. Sheryl attended Nutana Collegiate in Saskatoon and later received her degree with a major in Philosophy from the University of Saskatchewan in 2004. She was a board member of the Gustin/Trounce Heritage Committee Inc., an organization that plans musical and cultural events for Gustin House as well as major music recitals at larger local venues. Hugh and Sheryl have one son and four grandchildren.
Hugh and Sheryl were both strongly influenced by the values of their parents, various friends and teachers over the years and have a desire to give back to the community from which they have received so much. They have appreciated the philanthropy of a number of friends and in particular the fine example set by Kay and Dora Nasser. They both feel that Saskatoon has been a wonderful place to live, raise their son and obtain their education. They have received so much from living here and they now have the opportunity and feel an obligation to support, in a charitable way, the various organizations that benefit Saskatoon.
Hugh and Sheryl were introduced to Saskatoon Community Foundation by friends. Upon reviewing the philosophy, goals, and high level of accountability of the foundation, they felt it would be an excellent vehicle for the long-term support of several charitable organizations. Initial plans are for an unrestricted fund that will move towards a donor advised fund as it expands in the future.

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