Elaine and Peter Zakreski Family Fund in Support of Single Parent Education

Elaine and Peter consider themselves to be blessed in many ways, as evidenced through their family, friends, careers, and involvement in the community. This was all made possible from a special legacy of love, faith and work ethic inherited from their parents. At the heart and soul of this legacy is the value of education and a desire to give back to the community. It was through Elaine’s efforts that parent support centers were established within the Saskatoon Catholic School Division. These parent support centers demonstrated that education is the key to building self-esteem and providing an environment where single parents and their families have an opportunity to fulfill their dreams. The Elaine and Peter Zakreski Family Fund in support of Single Parent Education will assist single parents through initiatives such as scholarships, post-secondary tuition fees and parent support centres.

In 2019, Elaine and Peter Zakreski were honoured as the Saskatoon Humanitarians of the Year by Canadian Red Cross for their persistent work to build capacity in the Mtogola region of southern Malawi. Following a vacation to five countries in Africa and a miraculous meeting of a person from Malawi the Zakreski’s felt a strong calling to help the people they met. Since then Elaine and Peter have worked tirelessly to empower villagers in impoverished area by building a strong, self-sustaining community. Starting with a much-needed medical clinic the Zakreski’s have now worked closely with locals and partner organizations to set up an educational scholarship fund, early childhood centres, boreholes, maize mills, piped water lines, a funeral insurance program for villagers and so much more. They have engaged their Canadian community in their efforts thru many speaking engagements and hosting awareness and fundraising events. Peter and Elaine are inspiring examples of what can happen if a family cares and decides to take action.

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