Isabel Anderson Physical Sciences Bursary Fund

The Isabel Anderson Physical Sciences Bursary was created to support a graduate of Unity Composite High School in pursuing a post-secondary education in the Physical Sciences.  According to Isabel, the development of the potash industry has added a tremendous amount of value to life in Saskatchewan.  The intent of this bursary in part is to return some of that prosperity to one of the communities where the industry began.  Isabel’s families were Homesteaders south-west of Battleford and west of Saskatoon in the early 1900’s.  The family valued service above self.  Isabel grew up in a small west-central Saskatchewan town that was the center of the first commercial attempt to mine potash in the province.  That beginning, along with the enthusiasm on coffee row one day in response to news that a local businessman had invested in the company, was the inspiration for many of her career and life choices since then.  Isabel earned an B.A (Honours) and a postgraduate degree from the University of Saskatchewan.  That businessman’s investment, even though it was small, created value in the lives of people of that community and in all of Saskatchewan that went beyond what could have been imagined.  According to Isabel, the objective of life is “To the best of our abilities, with our birth skills and the life skills we can add along the way, to add value from the way we live to the lives of those we meet (either directly or indirectly), as we find our Voice and inspire others to find theirs.”  With the assistance of the Isabel Anderson Physical Sciences Bursary, each year a student will have the opportunity to begin seeking that Voice.

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