Your Community Makes You and You Make Your Community. You have spent your life making choices that define you and give your life its meaning and purpose. Creating your personal legacy through the Saskatoon Community Foundation can express who you are to your community right now, and can extend that sense of purpose and meaning beyond your own years. Whether you focus on a cause or a charity, whether you memorialize someone you love or look forward to real community change, a gift to the Saskatoon Community Foundation can help you achieve your goals. You can give meaning to others.


Bessey-Pontikes Family Fund

Sometimes it takes a major event in your life to make you think about the kind of story you want your life to tell. The stories behind the gifts Leave a Legacy month seeks to highlight are rich and varied, touching, often heartbreaking, but have one thing in common – a family has a moment […]

Kelly Best Spirit Award

A Legacy of Resilience If you want to know about resilience, talk to a parent who has lost a child. Marie Agioritis’s son Kelly Best was just 19 when his life – a life full of fun, love, laughter, plans, dreams, friends, and family – ended in 2015 after an accidental fentanyl overdose. As a friend of Saskatoon Community Foundation, […]

Tom and Alice Molloy Fund

Through her long and courageous battle with cancer, Alice Molloy remained strongly committed to her family, career, the community and especially those less fortunate than her. To pay tribute to Alice’s memory and continue the vital community work she found so important, the Molloy family established the Alice Molloy Fund in 1996. Over the years, […]


There are many ways to look at the vitality of a community. Each person contributes facets to a shared point of view that makes our community vibrant. The Saskatoon Community Foundation engages with our community stakeholders and gathers data to help inform your choices about how you want to contribute to a stronger community. The staff of Saskatoon Community Foundation can help you understand emerging trends in the community to ensure your contribution addresses what matters most to you. Click below to learn more.


Creating a charitable legacy can seem complicated, but at Saskatoon Community Foundation, our advisors can simplify that journey. We can help you decide on the best means of giving to maximize impact while minimizing taxes and other costs to you. We can help you decide the best vehicle through which you will give back to the community. We can advise you how to direct your funds to support real and meaningful change in your areas of interest. We also work as part of your financial team, along with your accountant, lawyer or financial planner, to ensure your best interests are served. Click below to contact our advisors and begin making your vision a reality!