Community Builders

The Saskatoon Community Foundation works with donors to build endowed funds that will provide sustainable support for Saskatoon’s charities. Funds can memorialize a loved one, or support a cause that matters to you and your family. For many, the best way to maximize their ability to give is to plan for a gift at the most advantageous moment, often through bequests or gifts of life insurance. In planning a gift, the Foundation can work with your lawyer, accountant or financial advisor to ensure that your charitable goals are achieved while also minimizing the tax burden on your resources. In this way, the resources you spent your life to earn can continue providing for the community in perpetuity, a legacy of giving that lasts forever.

My life worked out well, I was blessed with wonderful parents and a great wife, and I was fortunate to become a stepfather and grandfather.

Having been born and raised in Saskatoon, Keith Douglas felt that the time had come to support to the organizations that contribute to build a stronger community for the future.

After learning more about Saskatoon Community Foundation, Keith met his financial advisor to discuss his estate plans with. Knowing that his legacy could come to fruition with the support of Saskatoon Community Foundation, he chose to become a Community Builder, leaving a gift in his will.

It was important to me to have my donations put to work here, in my community. I feel that I made a good decision to live in Saskatoon and work here. I still am of the opinion that Saskatoon is a marvellous place to live.

Keith passed away in 2014 at the age of 85. At that time, he left $37,500, to be added to his existing fund, The Joyce and Keith Douglas Fund. Because the fund is unrestricted, our expert committee of community volunteers ensures the income supports projects which change peoples live for the better, forever.

Today, the Joyce and Keith Douglas Fund is valued at $54,865.41, gifting $13,300.00 to date to organizations, this number will continue to grow and make a difference forever.

Tomorrow’s results are created by today’s dreamers. Many people dream of a way to ensure they can continue to impact in the future. With a Community Builder Agreement, you can create a legacy that will support Saskatoon’s vibrant and evolving community forever.

Saskatoon Community Foundation is so grateful for the support of these Community Builders, who have planned for future of the community and ensured that their generosity will live on after them.

Fundholder Fund Name 
Mary Beckett Yunker Family Fund
Richard Bellamy Richard Bellamy Community Builder Account
Jerry Berko Jerry and Colleen Berko Fund
Darlene Bessey  
Scott Bray Scott and Carolyn Bray Memorial Fund
Joan M Browne A.H. Browne Memorial Scholarship in Horticulture Fund
Drew Byer Drew and Karen Byers Fund
Scott Cherry Cherry Family Fund
James Copeland Christie James Copeland Christie Fund
Alice Margaret Christie Alice Margaret Christie Fund
David Ross Christie David Ross Christie Fund
Jean Cassidy Bea and Melda Chute Fund
Patricia Coghlan Thomas Coghlan Memorial Scholarship
Bill Cooper Willam (Bill) Cooper Entrepreneurship Student Award
Norman Dahl Anna, Nels and Norman Dahl Music Bursary
John Delack John Burton Delack Fund
Murray Dickson Geraldine and Murray Dickson Fund
Murray Dickson Geraldine and Murray Dickson Student Award
Allan Duddridge Allan and Renee Duddridge Fund
Velma Rosella Eby Velma Rosella Eby Fund
Dennis Farrell Marlene and Dennis Farrell Family Fund – existing
Katherine Ford Administrative Endowment Fund
Tony Charnish Tony Charnish and Gail Hanson Gravelle Student Award
Ken Haight Ken and Laura Haight Family Fund
James   Hoffart James G. Hoffart and Ernie J. Hill Award
Brigette Holl Brigitte Holl Education Fund for Aboriginal People
Cam Hood Animal Protection Program
Dinny Holroyd Dinny Holroyd 2014 – Cornerstone of the Community Fund
Ken Howland Ken Howland Fund
John MacKay Charles and Ellen MacKay Fund
Herb McFaull Anthony Bidulka/Herb McFaull Legacy Fund
Jerome (Jerry) Meckelborg Meckelborg Memorial Fund
Betty Hanson Sharon L. Nelson (Hanson) Memorial Fund
Constance Owen-Jones Geoff and Connie Owen-Jones Fund
Ron Pender Ron and Judy Pender Family Fund
Bill Peterson Bill Peterson and Paul Lavoie Fund; Bill Peterson and Paul Lavoie Fund for Animals
Art Postle Postle Family Fund
Neil Richards  Rainbow Diversity Fund
Allisen Rothery Allisen Rothery’s Fund In Honour Of Her Mother Helen Hitchcock
Alan Ryan Edda and Alan Ryan Fund for the Saskatoon Symphony
Carol Schurr Carol Schurr Fund
Theresa Skwara Theresa Skwara and Colin Macdonald Fund
Robert Stark Robert and Lynn Stark Family Fund
Hue Ure Hugh and Joanne Ure Fund
James Vaneaton James and Inez Vaneaton Fund
Elaine Vetter Elaine Vetter Fund
George Wakabayaski George and Carole Wakabayashi Fund
Arthur Whetstone Arthur and Denise Whetstone Memorial Student Award
Annette Weiler Annette Weiler Fund
Terry Wirth Terry and Patricia Wirth Fund
Janice Woodward(nee: Birney) Birney Family Fund for the Saskatoon YWCA
Peter Zakreski Elaine & Peter Zakreski Family Fund Support Single Parent Education
Heather Macdonald The John Partington Loved Kids Fund
Don Ewles Don Ewles and Margot Weiner Fund
Adrian Sawyer Adrian and Olive Sawyer Fund
Dale Miquelon Dale Miquelon