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2015 Signature Grant to YMCA

Greg Keller, Chair of the Saskatoon Community Foundation, is pleased to announce that the Foundation’s 2015 Signature Grant of $50,000.00 has been awarded to YMCA of Saskatoon for the playground at its South Childcare facility.

In 2015, the SCF focused its Signature Grant on “The Early Years,” reflecting studies that show the first 2,000 days of life are crucial in setting patterns that significantly affect outcomes for children in our community. The Signature Grant to YMCA is part of SCF’s strategy to make a long-term positive impact on the lives of our youngest citizens. The YMCA is one of the oldest community organizations in Saskatoon, having served our community since 1908. For decades, the YMCA has provided childcare, protecting and promoting the health and well-being of Saskatoon’s youngest citizens.

As our city evolves, community organizations must grow and change as well. The new YMCA childcare facility in Stonebridge, one of the newest areas of the city, puts the services where they are needed, ensuring that the people who live and work in the area have access to high-quality childcare.

“The Saskatoon Community Foundation Signature Grant will allow the YMCA to create another first-rate childcare facility with a unique playground that will help generations of children develop and grow,” said Dean Dodge, CEO of YMCA Saskatoon. “As our city grows and changes, we must provide for the childcare needs of an increasing and changing population, while also promoting the YMCA’s goal of building healthy communities.”

Over its 45 years of service to our community, the Saskatoon Community Foundation has accepted thousands of gifts from thousands of donors, and made thousands of grants to local charities. In a typical year, the Saskatoon Community Foundation grants to over 100 local charities. Over its entire history, total grants are in excess of 20 million dollars! Because the Saskatoon Community Foundation invests donor gifts, granting only the income, all of these gifts will continue to have a positive impact for Saskatoon, forever!