Egadz’ Action to Employment Program

Thanks to a $20,000 Quality of Life grant, Egadz’ Action to Employment Program assists seniors in our community, while teaching vital skills to youth at risk. The Action to Employment Program offers yard care and snow removal to seniors, helping them to stay in their homes safely. Youth learn job readiness skills, teamwork and the value of paid work. They also gain work experience that can help them take the next steps toward productive lives.

The Youth are trained on how to use and handle equipment safely in the for the jobs in the summer and the winter. In summer, they cut lawns, trim, water, weed, and even plant gardens. The Youth gain experience in working on a schedule, communicating with the clients they serve, and building relationships with their team members. The Youth gain self esteem and a great sense of purpose from seeing a job well done.

“I am grateful to have this opportunity. Having somewhere to go and a purpose every day is an awesome feeling. Having a stable work environment with great people that love their job means more to me than I can express in words. I did not realize how much work went into maintaining a yard. It’s funny how now when I’m out and about I will notice if a lawn needs to be cut or fertilized. It’s like I make a whole plan in my head about what needs to be done.” – Sally, former participant, now Team Leader