Gordie Howe Fund for Alzheimer’s Research

In 2015, the Kinsmen Foundation honoured Gordie Howe at its annual Kinsmen Sports Celebrity Dinner. In attendance along with Mr. Howe was Wayne Gretzky, and Gordie’s son, Martie Howe. At the dinner, Wayne expressed interest in establishing a fund to raise money in Gordie’s name. Marty went further, wanting the fund to remain in Saskatoon, Gordie’s home town, and that the fund would be used to benefit the city. It was also decided to dedicate the funds to Alzheimer’s research, a condition which has touched the Howe family for many years.

Johnathan Abrametz, a donor to the Saskatoon Community Foundation, was a key player in bringing everyone together for the tribute dinner that night. Based on Johnathan’s personal experience with SCF, knowing that the Foundation is Saskatoon-based and that the money is invested in perpetuity, he felt that SCF was the perfect fit and made the suggestion to the group.

Known as Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe may be as famous for his personable disposition and his philanthropy as he is for his hockey statistics. He has participated in countless fundraisers throughout his life and his name is affiliated with many charitable programs. The Saskatoon Community Foundation is proud to be the steward of The Gordie Howe Fund for Alzheimer’s Research.

The Howe Family’s intention is that any local money raised in Gordie Howe’s name will be directed to this fund.

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