Quality Of Life Granting Program

About Quality of Life Grants

New Areas of Focus 

Areas of Focus are evolving at the Saskatoon Community Foundation. In 2019, SCF will continue to make grants in its 6 traditional focus areas of Arts and Culture, Education, Environment, Health, Social Development, and Capacity Building. However,  preference will be given to registered charitable organization (also includes partnership applications between non charitable and charitable organizations) projects which address issues of Belonging, in two main areas of focus:

1. Reconciliation: Does your project address directly or indirectly any of the 94 Calls to Action identified by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission? Does your project reflect an awareness of issues affecting relationships among indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians?

2. Social Inclusion: Does your project improve inclusiveness among diverse cultures or demographic groups? Does it promote cross-cultural tolerance or understanding? Does it value and celebrate our diversity?

Below is a description of our traditional focus areas:

Arts and Culture

Funding for projects, or on-going work, that fosters and supports the growth and preservation of arts and cultural activities

Capacity Building

Funding for projects, or on-going work, that establishes foundations for community service, develops or enhances organizational strategy, or builds capacity in our community.


Funding for projects, or on-going work, that enhances the quality and accessibility of lifelong learning and educational opportunities for all ages.


Funding for projects, or on-going work, that supports and encourages appreciation of the environment, or resolution to, and prevention of, environmental and wildlife issues.


Funding for projects, or on-going work, that promotes and advances the physical and mental well-being of individuals and families

Social Development

Funding for projects, or ongoing work, that delivers programs for a particular demographic group defined by age, gender, race, disability, or income.

Note: In accordance with federal regulations, the foundation considers applications from registered charities and qualified donees, as defined by the Income Tax Act. A registered not for profit organization is not necessarily a registered charity. Questions about registered charity status can be answered by the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-267-2384 or www.cra-arc.gc.ca

Please review our Granting Policy  and Quality of Life Granting Terms of Reference prior to making an online application.

Go to our contact us page to have a representative of The Foundation contact you about the Quality of Life Granting Program.

Application deadline for Letters of Intent to Apply (LOIs) for Quality of Life Grants is February 1st at 5:00 p.m. each year.

Application deadline for full applications (if requested) is March 1st at 5:00 p.m. each year.

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