Quality of Life Grants for COVID-19 Resilience

About the Grants

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, Saskatoon Community Foundation has created an expedited application process to respond to community needs. This process replaces our typical Quality of Life grants for 2020. We have made the difficult decision that all applications from the regular Quality of Life program will be set aside. Many of those projects may not have gone forward, and many do not represent the current needs of the applicants. We apologize to all the applicants for the effort that was expended on those applications, and ask for their understanding in light of the situation.
Saskatoon Community Foundation intends to use available funds to support the community through the COVID-19 outbreak. In many cases, this may mean grants to address urgent need, but it can also include support for organizations experiencing hardships during this time. We will endeavour to protect the community and the charitable organizations that can help it to recover after the crisis has abated.

Intake Deadline: April 27, 2020

To apply for support, your organization must be a qualified donee (registered charity or municipality).

All qualified donee organizations affected by COVID-19, whether in terms of changes to your programs or the impact on your operations, are invited to apply.

Organizations that were declined earlier this year may apply.

Organizations that have already received 3 consecutive years of support from the Foundation may apply.

The priority now is to protect the people of Saskatoon and the organizations that serve them. This application should take significantly less time to complete than our typical form. Please respond as simply and briefly as you can, but ensure that you are clear about proposed activities and expenses. We know you have much to do.

If you have any questions about your application, please contact the Grants and Communications Manager at grants@saskatooncommunityfoundation.ca or 306-665-1767.


If you need support IMMEDIATELY for urgent community needs, please click here and submit the form. This form will go to Saskatoon Community Response to COVID-19 to be considered along with other community requests for immediate resources.

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