The Storybook program is a program for children whose mothers are in prison. In this program, mothers who are in prison select an age-appropriate book for their children, and our staff and volunteers record the moms reading the books to their children. We then send a new copy of the book, along with a copy of the recording to the child for Christmas. This program aims to ease the pain of familial separation for these children and providing a connection between mother and child through reading. The child can read along with the mother through the recording, and it creates a conversation within the family about reading.

This is an opportunity to give those children not only a special new book, but a chance to hear the voice of their mother (or sometimes even Grandma or Auntie) who they miss. While their loved one may be in jail, it is important to remember that these kids have done nothing wrong, and while gifts and presents are important, being able to connect with the their mothers.
50 women at the provincial jail and 25 women at the federal jail. Depending on how many children each woman has, we expect to provide storybooks to about 120 children.

Support for this program was made possible by the legacy created by Verna and Lionel McGillivray.