Your story’s
in your hands.

Direct your giving with advised funds, and experience the impact today.


Now you can tailor your giving to meet your goals with our new Donor Advised Spendable Fund.

  • Your gift is not endowed and is fully disbursable according to your instructions;
  • You select the causes closest to your heart when creating your fund, OR select causes for grants each year;
  • You choose the time frame (three to 15 years) for your fund;
  • After you establish your fund, the total amount available for granting in the first year is 40% of the capital;
  • The funds not disbursed will be invested and earn with Saskatoon Community Foundation pooled funds;
  • You may create a Donor Advised Spendable Fund with a gift of $50,000 or greater.

Whether you want to support causes close to your heart or discover areas of need, our professional team has the experience you are looking for.

Community Knowledge

Through our Vital Signs initiative, talking circles, and community development work, we work closely with Saskatoon non profits to support a wide range of projects and initiatives and identify opportunities. We have the ability, expertise, and networks to target donor funding for our community.

Investment Expertise

We are invested in community! Our foundation relies on experienced investment advice from our investment management firm, investment committee, board of directors, and director of finance. By investing donor funds, agency funds, and managed funds together, the foundation’s pooled investment makes a big collective impact.

Fund Selection

We provide a variety of fund options for our donors, ranging from fully spendable to endowed funds, allowing you to create an immediate impact or create a lasting legacy for our community. Our new Donor Advised Spendable Fund combines the benefits of an investment earning fund with a spendable fund so you can make a difference during your lifetime.

You can direct your giving on your schedule, and see the impact of your donation today.

Contact us to learn more about advised funds with Saskatoon Community Foundation, and live your legacy.

Making an impact is in your hands.

Making an impact is in your hands.

Contact our Philanthropic Advisor to get started, and tailor your charitable giving to meet your goals.

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