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Create your lasting legacy with the Saskatoon Community Foundation.

Donor Advised Spendable Fund

Your story’s in your hands.

Ask us about how you can use our new Donor Advised Spendable Fund for an immediate impact, and live your legacy today.

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Leave a Lasting Legacy

Your endowed fund is held forever. When you give through the Saskatoon Community Foundation, your investment is carefully managed, and the interest earned benefits the community in perpetuity.

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Personalize giving.

By working with our Philanthropic Advisor, you can build a legacy gift to reflect the life you lived, your family, and your values.

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Organizations in a community

Reach multiple organizations.

Saskatoon Community Foundation gives you a different way of giving because you can choose to support one or many organizations that are most important to you.

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Benefit your local community.

Saskatoon is where your story began. Now, you can shape the community you love by giving back.

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Your gift will benefit your community for years to come.

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