Will Power

Inspiring Canadians to make a gift through their Will.

Will Power is a national public education effort designed to inspire more Canadians to make a significant impact on the causes they care about, by making a gift in their Will to charity.

Will Power is a group of charities and advisors at the forefront of making a significant shift in the way Canadians give, so that charitable giving through your Will becomes a social norm in Canada.

Saskatoon Community Foundation is a founding partner of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners national Will Power campaign.

Will Power is spearheaded by the Canadian Association of Gift Planners and the CAGP Foundation.

Together, our goal is to raise the level of charitable giving through wills to 8.5 per cent of all Canadians by 2030. Reaching our goal will see every day Canadians contribute as much as $40B dollars to the causes they care about.

Imagine the difference we could all make! Help make a difference in your communities and around the world. Contact us to learn more.