Youth Endowment Saskatoon (YES) Grants

Youth Granting for Youth

Young people who care about their communities are increasingly getting involved in philanthropy.

By forming Youth Advisory Councils (YACs) within local community foundations, young people come together to raise money, build endowment funds and make grants to local youth projects. YAC members are in their teens and twenties, with a lot of ideas and energy to bring to the table. There are already YACs in more than 55 communities across Canada, and the momentum is building.

In 2004, the Saskatoon Community Foundation launched its own Youth Advisory Council (YAC). Between 2004 and 2012, areas of focus for the YAC were enhancing the quality of life for Saskatoon children and youth by disbursing grants from the Batting 1000 Endowment for Children and Youth, a donor funded initiative to promote youth leadership in philanthropy. Beginning in 2013, the Batting 1000 Endowment for Children and Youth was renamed Youth Endowment Saskatoon, and grants made from the fund are now known as YES! Now, the YAC says YES! to projects for children and youth in Saskatoon.

Since 2019, Saskatoon Community Foundation has partnered with Students Commission of Canada (SCC) to administer the Youth Advisory Council. SCC, with support from the Grants Manager, manages the Youth Advisory Council program by recruiting and training a diverse group of young people who set focus areas, review applications and recommend grants to the Board of Directors each year. Partnering with SCC enables the Foundation to support youth leadership in the community.

To make a donation to support Youth Endowment Saskatoon, visit the Youth Endowment Saskatoon fund page.

Meet the grant recipients at the 2022 Many Voices Together event:

2022 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to all of the organizations receiving 2022 Youth Endowment Saskatoon grants. They are:

2022 Areas of Focus

The Youth Endowment Saskatoon grants program includes some funds that are for Saskatoon only, and some funds which can be granted throughout the province of Saskatchewan. Applicants from communities other than Saskatoon are invited to apply, as well as organizations from Saskatoon. The 2022 Youth Advisory Council invites applications for projects aligned with the focus areas below:

1. Transition Supports

  • Implementing supports for educational and life transitions for youth. These supports include peer mentorship, life skills and independence education (financial literacy, hygiene, home economics, cooking, cleaning, etc.)
  • Transitions include from Elementary school to High school, High school to University, unemployed to employed, etc.

2. Celebrating Diversity of Youth Voices and Achievements

  • Celebrating the diversity of youth initiatives and achievements in the community, to flip the narrative and focus on young people’s strengths.
  • Integrating youth in decision-making roles through opportunities like youth advisory councils.

3. Access to Youth Services

  • To provide not just quantity but also quality services directed at youths and their specific needs.
  • To recognize the diverse experiences and lives of youth and to take that into account when building access to those services.
  • Special consideration will be given to programs pertaining to food security among youth.

Youth involvement

Youth should be involved in the delivery, planning or implementation of projects, and projects should have a direct impact on lives of youth in Saskatoon or other communities in Saskatchewan.

“In 2022, the Youth Advisory Council wishes to support projects that focus on the theme of inclusively supporting youth during key transitional periods and celebrating their achievements.

2022 Youth Advisory Council

All applications will be reviewed by the Youth Advisory Committee. The YAC will recommend grants for approval by the Saskatoon Community Foundation Board of Directors.

Important dates

Applications open Feb 1st and close March 1st at 5:00 pm.