Youth Endowment Saskatoon (Y.E.S.) Grants

Youth Granting for Youth

Young people who care about their communities are increasingly getting involved in philanthropy. Youth Advisory Councils at community foundations involve young people in decision making for community. Youth Advisory Council members are in their teens and twenties, with a lot of ideas and energy to bring to the table. 

Youth Endowment Saskatoon Grant applications are reviewed by the Youth Advisory Council, who recommends grants for approval by the Saskatoon Community Foundation Board of Directors.

Saskatoon Community Foundation partners with Students Commission of Canada to administer the Youth Advisory Council, with support from the Grants Manager.

To make a donation to support Youth Endowment Saskatoon, visit the Youth Endowment Saskatoon fund page.

Youth Endowment Saskatoon Grants:

  • An expanded grant program for projects benefiting children and youth
  • Committed to youth in philanthropy and leadership
  • Includes funds for Saskatoon only, plus funds for the province of Saskatchewan
  • Maximum annual grant is $10,000

Applying for Funding in 2024?

Find out how to determine the right grant opportunity for your organization. Use our self-serve Where to Apply interactive tool to check if your project focus areas are eligible for funding.

Where to Apply Tool

2024 Focus Areas:

In 2024, the Youth Advisory Council’s priority focus area is community safety. The YAC will carefully consider any application that supports children and youth, but will give preference to projects that build safety through improved community engagement, including projects that:

  1. address gaps in education and augment both academic and applied education 
  2. prevent the harms that substance misuse can cause in children and youth, directly and indirectly
  3. promote positive mental health and positive social connections

Grant Application Workshops:

Saskatoon Community Foundation offered a choice of virtual dates for a Grant Application Workshop in November 2023. If you missed the workshop, check out this 54 minute video outlining changes to the Community Grants programs beginning in 2024.

Before you apply:

Please review our Granting Policy and Youth Endowment Saskatoon Grants Terms of Reference before applying.

Saskatoon Community Foundation Granting Policy

Youth Endowment Saskatoon Grants Terms of Reference

Note: In accordance with federal regulations, the Foundation considers applications from registered charities and qualified donees, as defined by the Income Tax Act. A registered not for profit organization is not necessarily a registered charity. Questions about registered charity status can be answered by the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-267-2384 or Organizations which are not qualified donees must partner with qualified donees in order to seek funding. The partnership must be one in which the qualified donee organization can present the programming as part of its charitable mission, serve as the recipient of grant funds and be accountable for their use.

Important dates

Opening date for applications is January 2, 2024.

Deadline for applications is February 15, 2024 at 5:00 pm.

2024 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to all of the organizations receiving 2024 Youth Endowment Saskatoon grants. They are:

Photo: MCC Meadowgreen Youth Program, by Dave Stobbe.