Our Story

We are passionate stewards of philanthropy, helping every donor create their enduring legacy through charitable giving.

Our calling is to work with individuals, families, and organizations to fulfill their philanthropic interests.

The Saskatoon Community Foundation team offers a broad understanding of community needs, expertise in planned giving, and the ability to target donations to the areas of greatest importance to you, our donor.

Whether you want to make an immediate impact or create a lasting legacy, our foundation is committed to matching your interests as a donor with the right fund type and charity. We serve you by establishing endowed funds invested and managed by the foundation and directed by you. Through both endowed funds and non-endowed funds, the foundation makes strategic grants to a wide range of charities in Saskatoon to enhance the quality of life in our community.

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Saskatoon Community Foundation manages an endowment of $50 million, as well as non-endowed and managed funds of $24 million, ensuring a stream of grants flows into the community forever. We are trusted to represent over 350 fund holders. Donations are held in trust…in perpetuity. Only the income earned by the endowment is used to make grants. Every year, the foundation supports a wide range of community projects and initiatives.

Beyond our charitable sector knowledge, our team has a heart for community and has taken an allyship role in reconciliation, working closely with Indigenous cultural advisors and participating in answering the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action.

We were established 50 years ago by a group of Saskatoon people who wanted to make their community a better place, with an act of legislation ensuring the foundation will continue benefiting the community in perpetuity.

A community foundation with registered charitable status, we are an active member of Community Foundations of Canada. Community foundations are one of the world’s fastest growing philanthropic movements, with more than 1,400 foundations in 42 countries. In Canada Community Foundations of Canada includes 194 community foundations managing almost $3 billion in assets—a permanent nest egg for Canadian communities.

Our Vision:

A vibrant community where everyone belongs.

Our Mission:

To contribute to quality of life by building endowments, strategic grant making, and community leadership.

Our Guiding Principles:

In pursuit of our mission, Saskatoon Community Foundation will:

  • Be open, accountable, and ethical;
  • Be a leader in charitable giving;
  • Strengthen community capacity; and
  • Be proactive.