Saskatoon Community Foundation exists to enable philanthropy by providing opportunities for individuals, families, and business who are committed to addressing the pressing issues of Saskatoon in lasting ways with a goal to make Saskatoon the best community in which to live.

Every endowed fund at the Saskatoon Community Foundation represents a legacy created by a donor or group of donors. The reasons for establishing a fund are as varied as the individuals who make up a community. They may support a charity of choice or a favourite cause. They may support an area of focus in the community, or support a student in achieving educational goals. They may create a vehicle so that future generations of a family can be involved in philanthropy, or they may remember loved ones, community leaders, or events that shaped Saskatoon’s history. They may be created by gifts of cash or securities, life insurance or bequests. All our funds have one thing in common. All the donors gave to establish a permanent legacy of support for the Saskatoon community, and every one of these endowed funds will continue to give back to Saskatoon forever.

To find your fund, or a fund that aligns with your own philanthropic goals, you can use the search function below or browse our existing funds.

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Give YXE (Formerly the Saskatoon Fund)

Your personalized “Give Forever” gift (permanently endowed fund) will help the Foundation to grant to organization addressing the most pressing issues in the community. By participating in the Give YXE- Give Forever Fund your gift will support annual grants through the Quality of Life Grants Program. Your gift is invested, and grants are drawn from […]

Youth Endowment Saskatoon (YES)

Intake Deadline: March 6, 2019

This fund provides grants to youth focused programming and initiatives in Saskatoon. By donating to this fund you are providing opportunities for youth now and in the future.

Community Fund for Reconciliation- Give Now

The time is now! With the support and commitment of leaders in the community like yourself, reconciliation comes alive, helping to make Saskatoon the best community in which to live. Reconciliation cannot be done by one person. It will take a community coming together to share, learn, educate, and support each other towards positive relationships […]