A.H. Browne Memorial Scholarship in Horticulture

At the age of 14, Alfred Henry Browne, began his work as a gardener’s apprentice at the Downtown Abbey in Somersetshire, England. Through a five year apprenticeship he advance his horticultural skills, working with plants, trees, fruit and flowers. in 1906, he immigrated to Canada – first to Ontario, and eventually to Saskatoon.

He was hired in 1909 as the first “city gardener” for the City of Saskatoon. He planted up to 2000 maples and elms per year in his first few years on the job, including those that now shade Saskatchewan Crescent and Spadina Crescent. In his 44 years of beautifying our city, A.H. Browne and his co-workers planted over 30,000 trees.

A.H. Browne was one of the founding members of the Saskatoon Horticultural Society and was awarded life membership in the Saskatchewan Horticultural Society Association.

Saskatoon has developed into the most beautiful city in the prairie provinces, and the residents of Saskatoon experience the legacy of A.H. Browne every day. His youngest of three daughters, Joan Browne, wanted to make sure that this legacy lives on even longer, through her gift of education.

Through her planned gift, Joan made the decision to establish the A.H. Browne Memorial Scholarship in Horticulture. This award is intended for students enrolled in the third or fourth year of B.S.A program through the College of Agriculture, at the University of Saskatchewan. A very fitting tribute to her father.