B’nai Brith 2012 Orest Chorneyko We’re Proud Of You Award Fund

We’re proud of you!

A belief in Saskatchewan spirit and community values inspired Orest Chorneyko to become a forerunner in volunteerism in Saskatoon. Since he moved to Saskatoon in 1995, he has been involved in dozens of organizations including being on the executive of six national events. These include a role as Chair for the 2004 Nokia Brier, VP Marketing and Public Relations for the 2000 Labatt Brier, VP Sponsorship for the 2008 Can-Am Police-Fire Games, VP Special Events for the 2007 Junos, VP Pre Tournament Games for the 2010 World Junior Hockey Championships, VP  Ticketing/Sponsorship for the 1999 Canadian Seniors Curling Championship, and Board Chair of Credit Union Centre 2005/2006. Away from volunteering, Orest is director of sales for Sask Tel.

For his leadership efforts, exemplary service and caring attitude, Orest was honoured at the 58th B’nai Brith silver plate dinner with the “We’re Proud of You” award held November 7, 2012. Orest was humbled by the award. He says, “volunteering has brought rich rewards. It has allowed me to create new friendships, get a better understanding of the community, use my skills outside the workplace and bring benefits to both me and the company I work for, SaskTel, through many relationships:’

Orest says he feels fortunate to have been involved in so many events in Saskatoon. Volunteerism is something that’s second nature to Orest. “It goes way back to living in Montmartre when my mom, Mary, became a role model for me. I watched my mom get involved in her community. She devoted over 60 years to different organizations and events in Montmartre, never easing up until she moved into a care home in Indian Head. My dad John was also involved in many organizations. Thankfully, what they did rubbed off on me:’

The B’nai Brith 2012 Orest Chorneyko Fund, an endowment established jointly by the Saskatoon Community Foundation and the Saskatoon B’nai Brith chapter, was created to celebrate the commitment and achievements of Orest. At the request of Orest and his wife Jane, the income from the fund will support the RUH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in memory of their daughter, Allison, who died at seven months of age in 1983.

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