Allan and Beverley Pettigrew Family Fund

To those who know Bev and Al, it should be no surprise that they have chosen to leave a lasting legacy for education in Saskatoon.
Nestled in their Calgary home, the couple thinks about Saskatoon and remembers their three sons’ involvement at Aden Bowman Collegiate. Bev recalls that sons James and Robert were very strong academically and won several awards, while still making time for student affairs and sports. David was a leader, was elected Senior Ring and received several Most Valuable Player awards in athletics.
“We felt that Aden Bowman provided all three with an excellent grounding for their subsequent education and careers. And we like the idea of building a trust which would provide an annual award for a worthy Bowman student,” says Al. Thus the concept of the Allan and Beverley Pettigrew Family Fund was born.
Through a donation to the Saskatoon Community Foundation in their wills, the Allan and Beverley Pettigrew Student Award will be created. Each year an Aden Bowman student with a strong academic record, together with leadership and athletic involvement, will be the recipient of a scholarship bearing their names.

Bev’s mother, Aurora George, stressed education to the teenaged Bev and Allan when they began deliberating their futures. “It would have to be my mother who influenced both Al and I in furthering our educations.” believes Bev. “She emphasized the importance of education in shaping our futures.”
Aided by a major scholarship, Bev entered the College of Home Economics, graduating with a four year degree. Meanwhile, Al joined the Regular Officer Training Program and graduated one year after Bev with a degree in Commerce. After graduation, the two were married and began their life of adventure.
As part of Al’s obligation to the military, the young couple moved to Winnipeg, then were sent to Soest, Germany. It was while based in Germany, that they acquired a thirst for travel.
After raising their three sons, career paths that included the University of Saskatchewan and Cameco, and volunteer work with UNICEF, YWCA and the Nutana Rotary Club, Al and Bev retired in 1995. Being downhill skiers and nature lovers, it seemed logical to move to Calgary, not only to be closer to the mountains, but to be nearer family members as well.
The Pettigrews volunteer regularly in Calgary for Rotary, their church, a seniors’ support group and various other community organizations.

“We have been so fortunate in our lives and at this point we like to think about ways that we can give something back,” says Al. Bev adds “We feel that Saskatoon was a wonderful city for us to be educated in, to raise and educate our sons, to experience our varied career and volunteer activities. For these reasons, we like to support the Saskatoon Community Foundation and hope that eventually our sons will also contribute.”

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