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The 30 Birds Foundation’s Circle of Friends is a group of donors in Canada and around the world who are committed to supporting the hopes and dreams of the Afghan school girls the foundation helped to evacuate from the Taliban regime. These girls risked their lives in their determination to pursue education, find freedom, and claim their human rights. The Circle of Friends is a staunch network of like-minded individuals who not only stand in solidarity with these girls but who are passionate about helping them reach their fullest potential. 

To join the 30 Birds Foundation Circle of Friends is to be part of a unique group. Many of these girls felt forgotten by the world and are keenly aware of those who stepped forward to help them in their darkest hour. Now that they are safe, they are excited to meet their supporters, get to know them, and involve them in their onward journey. Many these current friends are leaders in their field to whom the girls look for mentorship, advice, and guidance. 

The 30 Birds Foundation is proud to facilitate this relationship by creating events where friends will have an opportunity to meet with girls, with official and civic leaders, as well as activists on the front line of this work. The 30 Birds Foundation will also provide progress reports and arrange webinars and conference calls with the group. In addition, the 30 Birds Foundation wants our Circle of Friends to be able to connect with each other to begin to build an international community of people who care.  

We would absolutely love for you to stand with us in this important work. Please join us! 

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*For donors who would like to explore becoming a Sustainer at the $50,000+ level, or a Trustee, at the $250,000+ level, please contact Justin Hefter directly at to learn more about special opportunities for 30 Birds Foundation Circle of Friends Sustainers and Trustees.

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For more information, please contact Justin Hefter at or visit us online at The 30 Birds Foundation.

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