The 30 Birds Foundation

The 30 Birds Foundation is committed to supporting young and aspiring Afghan scholars who, together, will be the Phoenix for their community. 

Our Name

1,000 birds set off on an epic quest in search of enlightenment, wisdom, and the Phoenix–or Simorgh–whom these birds hope can revive their community.

After the long and arduous journey, only 30 birds advance to the final part of the journey. They reach the location where they had been told they could find the Phoenix, only to find a lake.

Disappointed, the 30 birds peer into the lake, and see their own reflections. They realize that there is no Phoenix. There is no Simorgh waiting for them. There are thirty (Si) birds (Morgh). 

They are the Simorgh–the Phoenix. No one else is going to revive their community for them. The 30 birds are responsible for bringing their community back to life.

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