Allan and Margaret Brown Family Fund

In 2008, the family of Allan and Margaret Brown celebrated the 100-year anniversary of their homestead, the family farm that they worked near Langham for 40 years. Their parents were born in Canada, and they grew up 5 miles apart. Before beginning farming, Allan took a technical course for Grades 10 and 11, and then a commercial technical course. He remembers that his first-ever paycheque for a month’s work was $117.

In 1961, they took over the family farm from Margaret’s parents but still had to work in town to make ends meet. Margaret worked outside as much as the boys did. They raised their family, which grew to include not only a son and daughter but also 4 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.

“They wanted to create a more caring community with more direct family support for those in need.”

In 2004, they left the farm. Allan and Margaret came to realize that they were at a point in their lives at which they could help others and give back to society. Proud members of Erindale Alliance Church, they say that “God has been good to us, to allow us the ability to help others.”

With the help of ScotiaMcLeod Advisor Cary Bowman, they approached the Saskatoon Community Foundation to create a fund that would have a direct, hands-on impact for local families. They wanted to be part of meeting people’s most immediate needs, forever. They were concerned by a lack of family support for people who experience living with a sick child and wanted to create a more caring community with more direct family support for those in need. Their Donor Advised Fund allows them the flexibility to choose which charities they would like to support each year, while also creating opportunities for future generations of the Brown family to participate in philanthropy, and to help families in need in our community.

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