Bishop James P. Mahoney Institute of the Family Fund

The Bishop James P. Mahoney Institute for the Family, established in memory of the popular Saskatoon bishop, distributes funds to activities strengthening and supporting families and family life.

“One of the things he championed was the preservation and enhancement of family life. That was always uppermost in his mind. He coined the term “PPF” – put your partner first – and was a firm believer that “PPF” would solve a lot of the crises faced by families today,” says Peter Zakreski, past chair of the institute’s advisory board.

With this in mind, the bishop’s friends launched the memorial fund for the James P. Mahoney Institute of the Family when he passed away in 1995. The resulting grants promote stronger family life by empowering family members, fortifying relationships, and enhancing skills in such areas as parenting and conflict resolution. The institute’s advisory board has also supported educational initiatives, including programs aimed at prevention of family dysfunction, and strengthened parents and children through the establishment of family support centres.

Bishop Mahoney’s caring reach extended beyond the Catholic community, and the James P. Mahoney Institute of the Family operates on a non-denominational basis. The institute considers funding requests from registered charities for activities strengthening and supporting families living in rural and urban communities within the Saskatoon Roman Catholic Diocese. Since the institute was established, families have benefited from more than $435,000 in grants from its endowment fund.

In 2001, the institute’s funds were placed with the Saskatoon Community Foundation endowment. The James P. Mahoney Institute of the Family remains independent with its volunteers and the Bishop for the Saskatoon Roman Catholic Diocese controlling granting decisions. Administrative tasks related to this donor advised fund are the responsibility of Saskatoon Community Foundation.

When Bishop James Mahoney passed away in 1995, he left behind a tremendous legacy of community involvement, not to mention a wide circle of friends. In his honor, the James P. Mahoney Memorial Fund was established in support of the James P. Mahoney Institute of the Family.

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