Norah English Gray Fund

“Norah has seen the development of the motor car, radio, telephone, electricity, airplane, television and computer,” a friend wrote in a local church newsletter.  And indeed she had. Born in England, Norah was only three when she came to Canada with her parents, Canon William Henry and Helen Anne English, in 1903. The family travelled west with the Barr colonists and stopped in the bustling prairie town of Saskatoon before moving on to their homestead at Bresaylor, 35 miles west of Battleford. She spent her childhood on the homestead, at Lashburn, where her father was the first rector of the Parish of All Saints, and at Little Pine Indian Reserve, where he was a teacher and minister. In 1925, she married Arthur William Gray and moved to Regina, where they raised three children. Widowed in 1965, Norah continued to be active in her church and involved in the lives of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The fund was established by Warren Champ as a gift to his wife Kathie, Norah’s daughter, on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. The Norah English Gray Fund is undesignated and will be used to support The Foundation’s efforts in areas of greatest need.

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