Randy Penner and Effie Kutsogiannis created the ONIRO Fund to honour their love of our community and support for youth.   Not all youth in our community have the same opportunities.  Economic challenges and even location can impact their chance to participate in activities that can contribute to their development into adults.

Randy Penner has been involved in the construction industry for 30 years.  His ingenuity, creativity, attention to detail and love of design have allowed him to develop unique high end homes.  Family is very important to Randy Penner and Effie Kutsogiannis, and they feel very blessed for their good fortune in that respect.  Many weekends are spent travelling to Regina to partake in family functions and be present at nephews’ soccer games, football games and concerts.  Effie loves to volunteer and has volunteered in many capacities, with local organizations such as the Greek community of Saskatoon, the United Way, Folkfest and Big Brothers Big Sisters among others.  She was nominated for Citizen of the Year in 2000 and nominated for Women of Distinction Awards in 2000 and 2015.  Both Randy and Effie strongly believe in giving back to community.

The ONIRO Fund was created to give back to the community that has given so much to them, and to create opportunities for young people to develop their full potential and be all that they can be.  “ONIRO” is the Greek word for “Dream.”  Randy and Effie would like to give youth the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

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