Working with a Community Foundation

Saskatoon Community Foundation is one of 191 community foundations across Canada. We are uniquely positioned to bring together people like you who care about making a lasting difference in our community, with charitable organizations that are addressing our most pressing priorities.

You can achieve your philanthropic goals, and we are here to help.

You might already be actively giving, and want it to be thoughtfully organized. Perhaps you have thought about how your philanthropy could be more strategic, but need help. Maybe you have thought about setting up your own charitable foundation to involve your family. Or maybe you want to leave part of your estate to charity, but don’t know where to turn. We can be your partner for all of this.

We build relationships with the whole community. That gives us a unique perspective from which to tackle priorities and take advantage of opportunities.

You can invest in the whole community.

We grant to the whole community. We build relationships with the whole community. And that gives us a unique perspective from which to tackle priorities and take advantage of opportunities. This community-wide focus on connecting and investing gives community foundations a deep pool of knowledge about the places we call home. And we put that knowledge to work for people who come to us for advice on giving because our focus is broad, deep and long-term. We’ll connect you to local organizations working on solutions to local priorities.

Establishing a fund with a Community Foundation is simple and efficient.

You can focus fully on your charitable interests and impact and we’ll take care of all the administration. All gifts made to your Fund will be invested professionally, and a portion of the total value of the Fund is available each year for distribution to any registered Canadian charity.

Be part of a national network.

You’ll also be part of a network of like-minded people, all working to have impact on improving the quality of life for
our fellow citizens. We share your vision of a community that is strong and healthy, connecting people to causes they care about including arts and culture, the environment, health, recreation, education and more. Together we’re working to build a community where we all belong — now and for the future.


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