Baby Thomas Boechler Memorial Fund

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The Baby Thomas Boechler Memorial Fund was opened in 2008 in memory of Baby Thomas. The annual granting allowance from this fund goes to the Jim Pattison Hospital Foundation to assist in providing prenatal and post-natal support, education, and training programs.

For his family, the brief time Baby Thomas spent with them did not diminish the depth of their love for him. According to Dan, “It is true what people say – life is a mixture of joy and pain. It is also true that while the pain never goes away, its deepest depths are filled in by joy, and life continues.”

Grandparents, Dan and Blanche thank you for your support!

The Secret Bench of Knowledge owned by Dan and Blanche McDonald, has been set up at the Cosmo Civic Center in Saskatoon in memory of Baby Thomas.

Photo: The Secret Bench of Knowledge, Created by Canadian Artist Lea Vivot

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