Bart and Cindy Hunter Fund

Neither Cindy nor Bart were born or raised in Saskatoon, but they feel home is where the heart is.  They met in Edmonton, were married in 1987 and decided to make Saskatoon their home.

“We both love Saskatoon,” says Cindy.  “Saskatoon and its people have been very good to us and we would love to give something back to say Thank You.”

Bart and Cindy came from different backgrounds but believe in the same things and have similar values.

“I had the world’s greatest parents,” says Cindy.  “They taught me the value of life and stressed that you should treat people like you would like to be treated.”

Cindy’s parents, Steve and Kay Zurawell, chose to sell the family’s Saskatchewan farm in the 1950s, moving to Toronto in search of a better life.  Steve and Kay bought a motel and taught their kids the value of hard work.

“I remember being six years old and having my duties at the motel,” recalls Cindy.  “We came together as a family to help out, especially during the busy season.”

The Zurawell family’s hard work paid off as Cindy’s parents were able to sell the motel and retire in their mid forties.  As Toronto grew in size, Steve believed it was time to leave, so the family packed up and moved west to Edmonton.

Bart, meanwhile, grew up in Edmonton.  His father Bill, was renowned in the hockey world as the founder of the Edmonton Oilers, the architect of the World Hockey Association, and the force behind the attempt to bring the St. Louis Blues to Saskatoon.

Bart shares his father’s passion for the game, having played professional hockey with Washington and the St. Louis Blues, and also shares his father’s fervor for community involvement.  “Dad always used to say work hard and good things will happen,” recalls Bart.  “Dad was very involved in the community.”

When the couple first moved to Saskatoon, they knew no one.  Through joining Kinsmen, Bart got involved in his new home town, helped others, and made lasting friendships.

“You get more out of being in charitable work than you ever put in,” says Bart.  Throughout the years, Bart and Cindy have been involved in many other organizations.

In 2004, Bart continued his work to improve his community by accepting a position on the Board of Directors of Saskatoon Community Foundation.  Now the Hunters look forward to building their Field of Interest Fund, the Bart and Cindy Hunter Fund, at the  foundation to assist local children’s charities.

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