B’nai Brith 2016 Murray Scharf We’re Proud of You Award Fund

Saskatoon B’nai Brith, chartered in 1913, has a long tradition of recognizing those who have provided exemplary volunteer service. We do this to not only say, “Thank You,” but also to encourage others to follow in those important footsteps. The 2017 Honouree, Dr. Murry Scharf, richly deserves our appreciation and serves as an inspiring model to all.

A lifelong member and leader of many important volunteer organizations, Dr. Scharf’s most recent focus for the past decade has been enhancing the quality of life for seniors through his service to the Saskatoon Council on Aging.  At the university, he continues to provide his expertise to many groups, including the Gerontology Studies Promotion Group and the Development of Co-operatives for Seniors, Promotion and Study Group.

In addition to all of the above, Murray has served or currently serves on several boards and committees, including Jubilee Residences, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation, the Military Institute of Saskatoon, the Rotary Club and too many others to list.

Dr. Scharf is a dedicated educator, a passionate and effective advocate for the elderly and disabled, and a man who truly loves his family, his community and his country.

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