Cherry Family Fund

Scott Cherry’s background makes it easy to understand why he and his family developed a desire to give back to the community. The Cherry family emigrated from the United Kingdom in the late 1890s, first settling in Ontario, then moving west to Saskatoon. Living through the Depression was difficult for most families as it was for the Cherry family. “My grandfather was a very community-minded man and always had a soft spot for people in need. Maybe his compassion came from living through those days. ” Following the Depression, Scott’s grandfather began one of the first of six SGI accredited insurance agencies. Later, Scott’s father Cecil joined in the firm. In 1973, Scott himself became involved in the family business.

It was through work that he met the woman who would later become his wife, Connie. Together, Scott and Connie raised three lovely children – ­Shawn, Deana, and Robyn-now adults. The special interests of Scott and Connie’s children are among the reasons the couple created the Cherry Family Fund at The Saskatoon Foundation.

‘Saskatoon allowed our family to flourish. It was the right thing to do, to give a bit back;’ explains Scott.

The Cherry family chose to establish an unrestricted fund, so the income generated would help various Saskatoon-based charities.  “In that way, the grant is based on need and every year the grants are different. They are timely and they’re flexible. I trust The Foundation to make those decisions for me. If I need legal advice, I consult a lawyer. If I need tax advice, I consult a tax specialist. So why wouldn’t I use a specialist like The Saskatoon Foundation to make my charitable decisions?” says Scott.

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