Dorothy and Jack Webb Family Fund

When a financial advisor suggested Jack Webb consider creating a charitable fund as his legacy, his first thought was to memorialize his lifelong best friend, his wife Dorothy. Dorothy (who always went by Dot) was born in Weyburn and met Jack in Clear Lake, Manitoba at a dance, when he was on leave from the armed forces. Dot worked as a medical stenographer at the base, one of the few civilians who worked there. After seeing each other only seven times, they were married in September of 1945. In 1950, they moved to Alberta where Jack worked on projects such as the Trans Mountain pipeline in 1952. He remembers seven months on the road with his young children, four-year-old Rob and two-year-old Meridee, travelling with pack horses and, of course, no indoor plumbing. Their third child, Tom was also born in Edmonton. The family eventually moved to Saskatoon and Dot became involved with their church, Grosvenor Park United Church, as a catering volunteer. Tom owns Webb Surveys in Saskatoon, while Meridee is a nurse in Vancouver and Robert is a doctor in Alabama.

Dot was an avid golfer who played regularly at Holiday Park and later Greenbryre. She also travelled all through Saskatchewan playing many courses. With her 13 to 15 handicap, she always beat Jack when they golfed together. She was also involved with championships at Holiday Park and Greenbryre. This was an amazing feat because Dot contracted polio when she was pregnant with her third child and was paralyzed from the waist down. She was determined to walk (and dance, and golf) again, and she did!

After Jack retired in 1984, they spent time in Arizona. Both golfed, Jack wrote, and Dot painted with oils, acrylics and watercolours. They travelled a great deal during their years together. They went overseas four times, and even travelled to Alaska on a cruise to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Saskatoon was important to Jack. The family “followed the development and oil here” and Jack along with his partner built a successful, nationally recognized business here. They raised their family here, volunteered their time here and retired here. He created this fund to preserve the memory of Dot. He is glad to give back because they were so fortunate themselves to live a great life in our community. He is proud to help make Saskatoon a great place to live, and to help people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to live a better life.

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