Edward Louis Schneider Fund

Edward Schneider was born and raised in St. Benedict district, near Humboldt, part of a large, closely-knit farming family.

Ed stayed on the family’s mixed farm until 1942.  In March of that year, Ed was drafted into the Canadian army, and spent the next four years with the Royal Canadian Engineers driving and operating army vehicles.

Toward the end of WWII, Ed was transferred from Canadian soil to Holland, Belgium, England and Scotland.  He remembers with fondness the warmth and gratitude shown him and his fellow soldiers upon their arrival in Holland.

“They were so thankful for us Canadians.  Although they didn’t have much, many of the locals invited us boys into their homes to share their meager meals as a way of saying thanks,” Ed recalls.

That memory remained with him.  Recently, after discussing his estate plans with his financial consultant, Ed decided that it was time to share some of his wealth with organizations that meant something to him.

“It was logical for me to want to give to my church, and to the Order of St. Benedict where I grew up.  Recently, I was diagnosed with diabetes, so I wanted to help in that area, too,” Ed says.

It seemed very natural to Ed to want to help others.  “I guess it’s safe to say my family was quite religious.  But we all willingly attended church, without ever having to be coaxed.”

He also believed in living through the Depression influenced his values.  “You know that times can be tough.  I now have the financial ability to help others so I wanted to do that.”

In consultation with his advisors, Ed chose to work with Saskatoon Community Foundation to establish a designated fund, the Edward Louis Schneider Fund, to annually assist the Saskatchewan branch of Canadian Diabetes Association, St. Joseph’s Parish, and Order of St. Benedict.

In addition to being an avid gardener and fisherman, Ed enjoyed bowling and his volunteer time with the Knights of Columbus.

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