Frank Lee Family Fund

Dorothy, her sister Marjorie, and her brother George, were raised by their father, Frank Lee on the family farm near Wimmer (Quill Lake) Saskatchewan.  There were always working animals on the Lee farm – cattle, sheep, horses, pigs and the family dog, Jess.  In fact, Dorothy’s first word was “Jess.”

Dorothy vividly remembers “thawing out” newborn lambs in early spring, the lamb Honey Bunch became a family pet.  Of course most often farm animals are not pets.  In fact, Frank Lee had been apprenticed to be a butcher in England prior to moving to Canada and he taught his children the “proper” carving techniques.

Frank Lee was a firm believer in education for his children.  George became a Professor at the University of Saskatchewan.  Dorothy, and her sister Marjorie, trained as nurses.  Dorothy took her training in Prince Albert at the Royal Victoria Hospital, while Marjorie took her nursing training in Saskatoon.

Dorothy moved to Saskatoon and nursed at the University Hospital, on the DVA (Veteran’s) wing, and then she transferred to the Cardiology ward.  Her nursing career stood Dorothy in good stead throughout the subsequent illnesses of her father and her sister.

Dorothy has a great love for her family.  She has documented and explored the genealogy of her family tree thoroughly, traveling to England to meet distant relatives.  She also has a great love for animals, which is why she decided to establish the Frank Lee Family Fund, in support of the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in Saskatoon, through Saskatoon Community Foundation.

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