GOLF Family Fund for Royal University Hospital

In honour of his late father, Gus A. Golf (Constantine A. Golfinopoulos), Peter Golf established the Golf Family Fund with Saskatoon Community Foundation.  Born in a village near Sparta, Greece in 1884, Gus dreamed of coming to America from an early age.  It took him six years to save enough money, but in 1903 he landed in New York City.  He had five dollars to his name.  He arrived in Saskatoon in 1910 when the city was booming.  A natural business man, Gus was soon the successful owner of three restaurants.  He married Athanasia Rizos in 1925 and together they raised seven children.  After a stroke in 1952, Gus returned to Greece.  He died in 1975, but his legacy lives on in the community.  The Golf Family Fund will support St. Paul’s Hospital, in recognition of the excellent care Gus received while recovering from his stroke.  In addition, a portion of the fund supports Royal University Hospital.

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