Harold Empey 2011 – Cornerstone of the Community Fund

In 2011 Harold was awarded the Cornerstone of the Community Award. This Award was for a resident of the Saskatoon Area of whom demonstrated a significant history of service to the community.

His first act of volunteering was when he was around 11 years old, when he rode in the back of an army truck to Carrot River and sell tickets at a sports day. He was the top seller that day.

He joined the Rotary in 1959. During that time, he had been club president, sat on many committees, coordinated an anti-polio campaign, spoken at world conferences, travelled to communities around the globe for charity work and much more.

After a health scare Harold realized that he would have left his ones with too little information, thus started the creation of the “Just in Case” binder. Many estate planning manuals deal with financial matters such as bank accounts and safe deposit keys, but “Just in Case” takes planning to a new level of detail, offering suggestions on personal information such as computer passwords, dealing with treasured possessions, obituaries, and who to invite to your memorial. Harold has donated all the proceeds from the sales of these binders to various charities, including the Saskatoon Community Foundation. More information on the Just in Case Binder can be found at: https://blackwoodplanning.ca/

Harold received a call, a sort of an offer you can’t refuse, for an appointment from which he will not be returning. This assignment comes with a sign-on bonus, a reunion with family and friends he has not seen in a long time.
Harold passed away peacefully on July 29, 2022 in his home at Preston Park II.

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