Hume Family Fund

For 10 years, Clare Hume carefully watched Saskatoon’s community foundation.  He clipped and saved local newspaper articles about Saskatoon Community Foundation.

It wasn’t until his passing that Saskatoon Community Foundation discovered Clare was a supporter.  Through a bequest in his will, Clare donated to the foundation to assist local charities.

His daughter, Lorraine Harvie explains: “Surviving the Depression, dad (Clare) and mom (Clara) lived economically, never going into debt.  Their habits allowed them to save a surprising amount of money over their lifetimes.  They always wanted to leave a legacy to the organizations they had benefited from, and were interested in Saskatoon Community Foundation from the outset.”

Clare moved to Saskatoon in 1921 with his parents and brother, from Ontario.  Since his father’s veterinary degree did not enable him to practice in Saskatchewan, they took up farming on 11th Street, next to the government elevators.

Clare attended King George School, then Bedford Road Collegiate where he was Senior Watch.  Normal School and teaching followed.  In 1929, Clare began his teaching career at Buena Vista School, followed by Albert and Sutherland schools.

One at a time he worked on his university degrees, eventually earning a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and Master of Education.  For five years, he was the administrator for the School for the Deaf before rejoining the Saskatoon Public School system as Assistant Superintendent, then Director of Education.

After retiring in 1971, Clare had the opportunity to develop his special interests.  Photography was always a passion and he became a mainstay of the Saskatoon Camera Club.  “For dad’s 90th birthday, the Camera Club hosted a party, and toasted him as a mentor for all the new members,” recalls Lorraine.

Clara’s parents moved to Saskatoon from the Glidden-Eatonia area in 1926.  Clara attended Bedford Road Collegiate and met Clare at an alumni dance there.

The two were married in 1937.  While raising three children – Lorraine, Valeri, and Gord – Clara took art classes at the university and from noted local artists.  She developed a special interest in prairie wildflowers and is well-known for her detailed acrylic paintings of grasses, flowers and landscapes.  In addition to her interest in painting, Clara was an active member for nearly 60 years of the Third Avenue United Church and her book club.

As a couple, they had creativity in common.  Clare and Clara spent many hours tromping through the countryside looking for subjects to photograph and her to paint.  they joined the Natural History Society (now the Saskatoon Nature Society) and thoroughly enjoyed the programs.

Music was important in their home and they rarely missed a Symphony Concert.  Clare was a model for lifelong learning.  In her 70s he learned word processing.  In his 80s he was creating computer word games for a shut-in friend.

Well on in years, Clare continued to create slide tapes of his photographs, combining them with music and poetry.  “He made over 50 trips to seniors homes to share his slide shows with others,” says Lorraine.

“Clare was a fiercely independent person,” says his daughter.  “He never wanted to be beholden to anyone.  If he needed something for his darkroom, he would invent it himself,” says Lorraine.  “He really loved the community of Saskatoon.  He was happy to give to support the organizations he and Clara liked to ensure their ongoing stability.”

The Hume Family Fund supports the Saskatoon Symphony Society and the Saskatoon Nature society in perpetuity.

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