John and Mary Lou Montgomery Fund

John was born in Saskatoon and made the city he loved his home for his entire life. He served in the Nave in WWII and while on leave in 1945 was wed to Mary Lou. He was an active community supporter. John was a man of numerous interests and had a great many friends. Insurance man, entrepreneur, community servant, and family man. He lived a full life of working hard to make good fortune happen.

John and Mary Lou believed in giving back to the community, in voluntarism, and investing in the future. they were active members of Grosvenor Park United Church, Kinsmen, K-40, Kinettes, and Rotary. they participated at all levels, from making cotton candy, running strong man games, and parking cars at the exhibition to serving on boards, hosting exchange students, and giving student bursaries.

John and Mary Lou were Saskatonians. over the years, opportunities for career advancement arose that would have taken them to other centers, but they were not going to leave their home. John said many times that he was glad to be a business owner and entrepreneur so that he and Mary Lou could control their own destiny. and their destiny always included Saskatoon. they loved their city, their family, their friends, their work, and their play. they lived each day to the fullest and never hesitated to take on a new project or to lend a hand where it was needed. their commitment to their community will live on through this fund.

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