Kavia Family Fund

Raj Kavia joined the Saskatoon Community Foundation’s board of directors and its executive committee in 2017.

“The Saskatoon Community Foundation has been part of my life for the past four years thanks to a friend who asked me to get involved. The natural progression was to create a fund,” said Raj.

Raj and his wife, Shelley, set up the Kavia Family Fund in late 2019 and will continue to make annual contributions. The first grants from the fund will begin in 2021. “I know that our family fund and all the other endowments managed by the Foundation can’t grant all of the requests that come our way; yet, with funds that grow in perpetuity and new donations added every year, there is a lot we can do in and for this community. It’s really good to know you can be part of that,” said Raj.

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