Kimpton Family Fund

The Kimpton family has established this fund in memory of mother Marjorie Kimpton. The Kimpton family has deep roots in the Saskatoon area with the homestead farm just west of Saskatoon. Marjorie’s husband passed away when her two sons, Curtis and Kent, were very young. She raised them as a single parent in Saskatoon and they continue to live here today. She chose a career path within her profession as a nurse in ophthalmology when her kids were young – where she was able to be there for her kids when they needed her, but also provide a stable income for them to live. Curtis has built a successful financial planning business and Kent works in the print industry. They remember growing up in Saskatoon among a group of great neighbours, friends and family. They were active in all types of sports and activities and passed their interests onto their own children.

The boys wanted to honour their mom because she was so instrumental in the lives that they live today. She was a cancer survivor. She was a compassionate caregiver in her home and profession. As a nurse, Marjorie touched many lives throughout her more than a 30-year career – not just the patients, but their families and the community as a whole. With a sparkle in her eye, she taught her boys to be engaged in other people’s lives and in their community. She taught them to give back, volunteer and work hard. Among other contributions to the community, Curtis and Kent and their families volunteer their time for the Kinsmen and Kinettes, just like their mom taught them to do.

The Kimpton’s philosophy is, “if you always try to help and look out for others, it will always pay you back 10 times more.” They feel that Saskatoon has been very good to them, providing business and employment opportunities, good friends, loving families and a sense of a broader community of which they are a part. Their family fund is a way that they can contribute now and in the future, to encourage and promote their sense of community.

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