Levine Group of Funds: Murray and Dusty Levine Fund and the Joel Levine and Michael Levine Fund

Murray Levine, with young sons Joel and Michael, moved to Saskatoon from Winnipeg for business, but they ended up building a life in our city. Murray moved with his sons to Saskatoon because he felt that the economic climate in Saskatchewan held more opportunity than in Manitoba. When Murray met Dusty, a prairie girl from Humboldt, she soon joined the family and, with Murray, started the family’s foray into the insurance business. Murray was an innovator in the insurance business. Not only were they the first life brokers in Saskatchewan, he was also instrumental in working with government to establish all the details and standards for the field in Saskatchewan.

Both Joel and Michael attended Evan Hardy and the University of Saskatchewan. Eventually both invested in the family insurance business to work with Murray and Dusty. They built the business over the years and created a loyal following based on client-centered service. Murray established the family’s business philosophy: “if you look after the client, then everything else will look after itself.” Michael notes that this still holds true today, and is still the core of his approach to business.

When Murray and Dusty retired, they spent from spring to fall at their home away from home, at the cabin in Wakaw. During the winters, they stopped in for a quick visit to Vegas, and then on to Hawaii. Michael and Joel continued with the business, with Joel serving as president of the life underwriter’s association and with the Yellowhead Cosmo Club.

Michael continued with the family business after Joel passed away in 2000. He spends time “spoiling” his nieces and nephew and enjoying a poker game or two in his spare time away from the busy business.

The family may have moved to Saskatoon for business, but they built a life here. Michael describes Murray as honest, charming, straightforward, entertaining and persistent. Dusty had a beautiful disposition, played all types of sports and was very independent. Joel was straight-laced, punctual and very business oriented. Michael feels that when someone important to you passes away, it is too easy for people to forget them – so creating these funds in their honour is a way to create a special memory that lasts forever. The family was fortunate to gain from Saskatoon, and now they can give back, forever, to the most pressing areas of need in our community.

Michael is the owner of LifeLine Brokers, a long-standing insurance business in Lawson Heights Mall.

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