Marg and Don Ravis Family Fund

Marg and Don Ravis feel extremely fortunate to have enjoyed rewarding careers in Saskatoon, after receiving an excellent education at the University of Saskatchewan.

Marg spent her teaching career contributing to students’ personal growth and development, while Don worked on behalf of his community in the House of Commons as well as working in private business, the public sector and the volunteer community.  Community involvement and “giving back” to the community was a way of life with their parents, so this became an easy decision for Don and Marg.  They attribute much of their success to the values and support display by their family role models.

More than 20 years ago, Saskatoon Community Foundation’s broad-based granting attracted Marg and Don, who became annual donors to Century Club.  During this time, Don had the privilege of serving as a board member for eight years, two as chairperson.

While the Foundation has benefited many worthwhile charitable projects in our community.  Marg and Don have been particularly interested in youth-related initiatives such as Youth Granting Youth, Kids Not in School, ArtsSmarts and the Batting 1000 Endowment for Children and Youth.  Their interest in youth people stemmed from Marg’s coaching, teaching and special education career, as well as Don’s 25-year involvement with youth in the Navy Reserve at HMCS Unicorn.

“As we reflect on our own good fortune in Saskatoon, we believe that the Marg and Don Ravis Youth Opportunity Fund will empower young people to achieve their dreams, develop self-esteem and contribute to their community as future volunteers,” says Don.

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