Margo Reekie Fund for the United Way

Margo Joan Reekie was a woman who truly lived life to the fullest.  A successful career woman, dedicated community volunteer, supportive family member, and a wonderful mother and wife, Margo passed away far too early at the age of 51.

Margo lived her entire life in Saskatoon.  After high school, Margo began her long and rewarding career with SaskTel.  In the 33 years she worked with SaskTel, she became an admired and respected leader.  Margo’s caring personality was evident throughout her career, as she always took the time to get to know fellow workers on a personal level.  She had a way to remember special things about everyone she knew.  She truly believed in the people she worked with, and would often help them to step out of their comfort zone in order to achieve greater goals.  Margo was not just a co-worker, she was a true friend.

Margo was very passionate about the importance of volunteering, and was very active in the Saskatoon United Way.  She served as Volunteer Campaign Chair in 2000, and then moved onto the Board where she was to be President for the 2007-08 term.  She inspired and encouraged many people to become involved in the community.

As bust as her life was, Margo always took time to enjoy the world around her.  An avid gardener, Margo spent hours tending to her yard.  Her flower garden received a number of awards and was featured in the June 2007 edition of Gardens West magazine (Prairie Edition).  But the true beauty of Margo’s love for flower gardening was her desire to share it with others.  She loved to host gatherings in her yard, and would always take the time to do a walk through with young children.  Many parents have said they were afraid their children would pick some of Margo’s beautiful flowers, but Margo didn’t mind.  The flowers were there for everyone’s enjoyment, young or old.

Margo’s other place of refuge was the family cabin on Iroquois Lake, which she built with her father.  This cabin became a haven for relaxation and good fun.  Margo met many more treasured friends there, and loved gathering with friends and family around a campfire.

Although Margo kept busy  with her many interests, her one true passion was family.  She and her husband Tom raised two sons, David and Evan.  Margo enjoyed every minute she spent with her kids.  She was a “Sports Mom” like no other, being chauffer, cheerleader, and biggest fan.  Everyone knew there was no one more proud of her sons than Margo.  With her sons joined new sports teams, her family simply grew.

Margo was diagnosed with cancer in April 2007.  She faced her diagnosis the same way she faced life – with determination, positive thoughts, and belief that things would work out.  Although the news of her terminal illness was a shock, it did not change the person Margo was.  She continued to think of others, and became good friends with her nurses and caregivers.  On June 30, 2007 she passed away.

The days following her death brought with them kind words from people all over Canada.  It was then that Margo’s impact on this world was truly felt.  Countless people began to share stories about the special things that Margo had done for them.  What has become truly clear is that Margo had an impact on many more people than she ever knew.

It was Margo’s wish that the recognition of her compassion for others be memorialized in a fund dedicated to the United Way.  Donations from friends have left a legacy to Margo’s dream for a better life for others in the community.  It is worthy of recognition that many of the donations came from co-workers who daily witnessed the caring and compassionate person Margo was.  She will be sadly missed, but lovingly remembered and forever celebrated through her fund.

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