Morgan Evans Scholarship

For a graduate of the Ernie Studer School in Loon Lake, with significant preference to one who intends to pursue post-secondary studies in the trade industry.

The Morgan Evans Scholarship was established by family and friends, through the Saskatoon Community Foundation. This scholarship, an enduring tribute to Morgan, is intended to be awarded annually to a graduating student of the Ernie Studer School in Loon Lake, with significant preference to one who intends to pursue post-secondary studies in the trades industry.

Morgan Scott Evans was born to Ronda and Roger Evans on July 19, 1987 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a little brother for his best friend and sister, Brie. His busy early years were happily spent with family and friends. Morgan particularly enjoyed time at the lake, camping trips, and travelling to see the cousins.

Morgan enjoyed music. He took piano lessons and completed his Grade 6 in Royal Conservatory of Music examinations. He also learned to play the electric guitar, the clarinet, and the trombone. His Grade 12 year brought an abrupt change in music genres, from rock and pop to country music-and Morgan sang along to all of his favourite songs.

Morgan learned his love of the outdoors from his father. Morgan took the hunter safety course when he was 12, but he didn’t actually shoot a deer until he went out with his Dad in his Grade 12 year. Morgan was very proud of this milestone, and it was especially meaningful to him having his hunting guide, Dad, in at the kill.

For Morgan, summers meant hours spent at the lake with family. Waterskiing, slalom skiing, and tubing brought Morgan many hours of enjoyment. Morgan obtained his pleasure craft operator’s License when he was 13. His other favourite lake activity was quading, and many afternoons were spent out in the sun, (or better yet, in the mud). Morgan was a master woodcutter and fire starter, and was always ready to cook hotdogs and bush pies.

From his earliest days, Morgan loved vehicles and motorized toys. He quickly learned vehicle vocabulary. His bicycles were more than a means of transportation; they provided an opportunity to “fix”. Morgan graduated to Big Brown, an old Ford that his father and sister “outgrew”. Morgan obtained his driver’s license on his first attempt and was always a very good driver. As well, he carried his cell phone wherever he went and taught his parents to use text messaging. A milestone in Morgan’s life was to drive Dad’s ’69 Camaro to Grade 12 graduation. His quote was “Grad is all about the ride”.

Morgan was an athlete. He loved team sports and was always a team player. He was passionate about hockey, playing for various teams and for (and against), his Dad in recreational hockey. Morgan was an avid volleyball player, a sport that his sister enjoyed too, and they supported each other on and off the volleyball court. In his final year, Morgan was made captain of the school volleyball team. His focus was team morale and the “psychology” of doing well at tournaments.

Morgan had a very strong work ethic and routinely held down multiple jobs: mowing lawns, bingo set up, working as a gas jockey, snow shoveling, wood chopping and working at the Dairy Bar, (The “Dairy King” who loved working with all of the girls). Morgan loved the social aspect of work but he took his work responsibilities very seriously.

Morgan found school quite easy and managed to earn respectable grades. Physics proved to be a bit of a challenge, but Morgan was able to bring that grade up significantly, (under duress, admittedly!). Morgan’s future plans were to work for a year in the oil industry before deciding which trade to pursue. He was considering welding, mechanics, or fire fighting as a career. Tragically, this was not to be.

Morgan was awarded the Jordy Olson Memorial award posthumously “for getting along well with staff and students” and for giving his best in school and in extra-curricular activities.

As well, in a gesture of honour and respect, Morgan’s hockey team has retired his hockey jersey (#18).

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