Mrs. Michelene Worobetz Fund

When Michelene Worobetz examines her experiences, she’s thankful: “I’ve had a good life.”

She and her husband Stephen lived comfortably, while he worked as a family physician and general surgeon.  Then he became Lt. Governor of Saskatchewan and they walked among society’s elite.  The couple traveled substantially throughout Canada and abroad.

Even as young newlyweds, Michelene and Stephen made a conscious effort to be charitable.  Instead of buying two cars, a boat or a cabin, they chose to become both donors and volunteers to support the organizations they valued over the years.

The Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate (Provincial Home) stood out among those charities, therefore it became a natural to benefit from Michelene’s legacy.

“I’m very happy to give to the Sisters,” she says of her fund at Saskatoon Community Foundation.  “After seeing how hard they worked, I am glad to give the support to continue their work forever.  They never want credit.  They just want to be able to do what they do – serve.”

Michelene’s sister Pearl developed respect for the Sisters, after moving into their Saskatoon home to attend Normal School.

Later, some Sisters spent summers with Michelene’s parents in Cudworth, while teaching local children catechism.  Michelene learned how the Sisters moved from town to town teaching young children, ministering to families, and helping elderly residents.

The endowment fund supporting the good work of Sisters Servants of Mary immaculate (Provincial Home) also fosters religion and faith, which have always meant a great deal to Michelene.  Saskatoon Community Foundation is happy to help Michelene continue this support forever.

Michelene passed away in 2005 and Stephen passed away in 2006.

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